2010-10-23 15:46:44

Intervention of Archimandrite Chrysostomos KYKKOTIS (CYPRUS), Fraternal Delegate

Text read by Rev. Dr. Demosthenis Demosthenous (Cyprus)
We warmly thank His Holiness the Pope of Rome, Benedict XVI, our most beloved Brother in Christ, who has kindly invited us to participate in the Synod of the Catholic Churches of the Middle East.
We are completely convinced that this Synod is taking place in a moment that is decisively critical for the whole world, but especially for the sensitive region of the Middle East. Certainly, the Word Incarnate, the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, brought to all men a message of peace, freedom and justice, teaching us by is example and with his preaching to live in peace with our neighbor and with all peoples. When, though, peace is endangered, as unfortunately it has been in Cyprus for 36 years now, because of the uninterrupted Turkish invasion and occupation of the northern part of our island, it is the duty of all of us to defend it from those who intend to endanger it.
I am particularly happy because this message of peace guide and unites our Churches. Appealing to your goodwill, we cannot but point out that Cyprus is the only nation of the European Union that finds a large part of its territory under occupation, where almost half of its population has been violently chased from their homes and have become refugees, while 520 churches and other venerated sacred places and sites of fervent devotion destroyed, pillaged and turned into entertainment venues or even into stalls for livestock.
For all these reasons, the Christians of Cyprus ask for and await your help and support in the just struggle for the withdrawal from our island of the invading Turkish army and the colonists who have settled there, and for freedom, peace, justice and, in general, all the human rights of the legitimate indigenous inhabitants of the island.
We wish every success to the works of the Synod, for the good of the peoples and people of the Middle East. We hope, furthermore, that the Lord Jesus Christ will grant His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI health and serenity for many years to come, for the good of the flock that has been entrusted to him. May the grace and blessing of the Lord be with all of you. Thank you once again.
With my most heartfelt best wishes and great affection,
the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos II

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