2010-10-22 12:31:09


The Holy Father wished to gift the Synod Fathers and the other Participants of the Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops the commemorative medal from the Apostolic Visit to Cyprus (4 6 June 2010), when he gave out the Instrumentum laboris of the Assembly.

The work is inspired by the “Vials of the pilgrims in the Holy Land”, small metal flasks for pilgrims kept in the Treasury of the Cathedral of Monza, and one of these in particular, depicting “Christ ascending to heaven”, following a typical Eastern iconography, seated on a throne.
The reverse of the Medal depicts the Ascension. At the bottom center is Our Lady praying and hallowed, wrapped in a maphorion (cloak), surrounded by the twelve Apostles, divided into two groups and with a demeanor of deep emotion in being witnesses of the Ascension. Above, four Angels hold an almond, in which appears the Christ blessing, seated on a throne with a cross shaped halo while bearing the Gospel in his left hand. On the neck of the vial appears a cross placed under an arch with a garland of golden leaves.
The work which depicts the Ascension, by the artist Louis Teruggi, was produced by the “Johnson 1836” factory of Italian medals, the oldest and most important factory of medals in Italy, with offices in Baranzate (MI) and in Rome, also supplying other Papal medals.

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