2010-10-20 11:15:37

Gregory Nazianzus: born in Cappadocia

We present Saint Gregory Nazianzus , one of the four great Greek doctors of the
Universal Church known as the theologian or the Divine , and the third of the Three Holy Hierarchs of the Byzantines .A programme written by Jill Bevilacqua and produced by Sean Patrick Lovett.

"...The younger Gregory was educated in Cappadocia, Palestine , Alexandria and Athens and it was while student that he became friends with Basil of Caesarea, the greatest of the Cappadocian Fathers..."

"..apart from his homilies Gregory wrote many letters, and himself published a collection of them, apparently the first Greek author to do so ...his letters we are told, models of clarity and brevity...are much valued for their autobiographical details and have some considerable theological importance ."

"..Gregory became Bishop of Constantinople and was recognised as legitimate bishop in the ecumenical council there in 381 ..."
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