2010-10-18 13:21:11

European Parliament to vote on budget amendment

The European Parliament today began their Plenary Session in Strasbourg. Over the next four days, members from the 27 member states will vote on European Union legislation and adopt its position on political issues.

On Wednesday, members are set to vote on an amendment to the EU 2011 annual budget which will prevent EU funding for development organisations, NGOs and governments that participate in forced abortions, sterilisations and infanticide.

Speaking to Vatican Radio, European director for the World Youth Alliance, Marie-Caroline Leroux, says that it is important to alert politicians and the public about these programmes.

“We know that the European Commission indirectly supports organisations through its programmes who support or perform directly this kind of practice” she said. “I’m talking about multi-annual programmes. So, yes, this budget is for this year and the money the European Union will give will be for this year, but the programmes are mutlti-annual.” RealAudioMP3

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