2010-10-16 11:18:37

Intervention of Mons. Fares MAAKAROUN, Archbishop of Nossa Senhora do Paraíso em São Paulo of the Greek-Melkites (BRAZIL)

If we read the signs of the times, in the light of the Word of God, we will see that the salvation is to go back to what our Church was in its beginning: “Now the company of those who believed were one heart and soul”.(Acts 4:32) This means that the believers were living in the full love, and in true communion accomplishing the Will of the Divine Master saying: Be holy as your heavenly Father is holy. (cf (Mt 5:48, Lk 6:36)
Every person, in the primitive church, was willing to be a live member in the sacramental body of Christ interacting with all, to be a saint and to be ready to sacrifice everything to accomplish the full holiness.
Today, all the efforts to build peace in the world, and to sow tranquility in the human heart and to end all oppressions and conflicts among religions and nations and between the human being and his brother... All of this seems to be confronted with an impenetrable wall which stops from accomplishing these goals... And this will spread despair and fear in the hearts of many people and among the human race...
Our Lord and God tells us: “Do not be afraid, little flock”,(Lk 12:32), I am with you all the days and forever, the doors of evil will not be able to stop you from achieving perfection and holiness.
Our Lord and God is with us always, and with Him we will be victorious over everything through love. Knowing that love hurts, love kills... But love revives and love alone can conquer all.
Yes indeed, love is the key for salvation. But there is no true love without true holiness. Let us be saints because our heavenly Father is Holy. Holiness is the solution. Yes, the sanctified love is the solution.

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