2010-10-08 15:55:50

Faith Maps: from Newman to Benedict

Jesuit Father Michael Paul Gallagher who teaches Fundamental Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University here in Rome tells Veronica Scarisbrick all about his book by the title of : "Faith Maps , ten religious explorers", which focuses on ten theologians from John Henry Newman to Benedict XVI. A programme timed to coincide with the Feast Day of Blessed John Henry Newman which as announced by the Pope in Birmingham on the 19th September falls on the 9th October.

"...Newman's approach to faith...without a preparation of heart your reason won't be working fully ..faith is very ordinary , we faith all the time..."

"...Benedict XVI ...has drawn on his previous thought quite substantially since becoming pope ..rarely enough quotes himself .."

"Pope Benedict...would have worked with Rahner at the Council ..then Cardinal Ratzinger would have been much more close to the thought of Balthasar ..."
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The ten religious explorers in the book are : John Henry Newman, Maurice Blondel , Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Bernard Lonergan , Flannery O'Connor, Dorothee Soelle , Charles Taylor, Pier Angelo Sequeri , Benedict XVI .

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