2010-07-17 16:46:42

Eritrean Asylum Seekers Launch Plea for Help

(17 July 10 - RV) Over 200 Eritrean asylum seekers abandoned without documents in Libya have launched a desperate plea for help from the international community.
The group of men were pushed back to Libya by the Italian navy when they attempted to cross the Mediterranean.  Libyan authorities then moved them Al-Biraq Prison in the province of Sabha, after they refused a "volunteer" expatriation scheme, where the men say they suffered torture and abuse.
The refugees have since been released but have no food, water, or documents to allow freedom of movement and say they face imminent deportation to Eritrea where they may be arrested, tortured or risk their lives.
We spoke to one of the refugees about their plight who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons. RealAudioMP3

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