2010-07-14 08:49:00

Fr Lombardi: Vatican to Publish Findings on Santa Maria di Galeria

(14 Jul 10 – RV) The Director General of Vatican Radio, Father Federico Lombardi, says the Vatican will soon publish its own expert opinions on the ongoing court case surrounding the Radio’s transmission facilities in di Santa Maria di Galeria, outside of Rome.

A court-ordered scientific report was leaked to the press yesterday, which says there is a correlation between the facilities and a series of cancer cases in the area.

Father Lombardi says the case has not been decided.

Father Lombardi was reacting a report by the court-appointed expert in the case, who said there is a correlation between exposure to electromagnetic waves and an increase in leukaemia and lymphoma in the surrounding population.

Father Lombardi said Vatican Radio was surprised by the news, since the expert opinion has not yet been released by the court.

Both Vatican Radio and the Italian Navy have facilities in the area which emit electromagnetic waves.

Father Lombardi said the Radio would soon release the findings of its own experts, and he also pointed out that the international literature in the field  has never proven the existence of a causal relationship such as that apparently suggested the conclusions of the court-ordered report, and therefore such a relationship should not be considered established.

He also stressed that Vatican Radio has followed international standards on its electromagnetic emissions, and has followed the even stricter limits in place since a 2001 agreement with the Italian authorities, put in place due to the surrounding population’s concerns. RealAudioMP3

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