2009-10-31 13:10:38

Address of Pope Benedict XVI to the Ambassador of Bulgaria Nikola Kaludov

(October 31, 2009) “By this fall, we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall which has enabled Bulgaria to the choice of democracy and to return to free and independent relations with the entire European continent. I know that your country now makes great efforts to integrate better in the European Union she joined on 1 January 2007,” said Pope Benedict XVI. He was addressing the Ambassador of Bulgaria Nikola Kaludov, on the occasion of the presentation of the Letters of Credentials on Saturday, 31st of October at Rome. Because of its geographical and cultural situation, the Pope said, Bulgaria as a nation has shown not only the interests of its own destiny, but great sensitivity to countries that are its neighbours and toward working for better ties within the European Union. Further, it is essential that the growth a country legitimately seeks is not only economic, but takes into account the entire human person. In this context Bulgaria has played an important role in building peaceful relations between countries which surround it, and in the defence and promotion of human rights. This concern for the common good of peoples can not be confined to the borders of the continent, it is also necessary to pay attention to creating conditions for successful globalization, said the Holy Father. This is facilitated for the Catholic community in Bulgaria as it wishes to work towards the progress of its entire population. This shared concern for the common good should facilitate dialogue between the various religious communities of Bulgaria. For its part, the Pontiff added, the Catholic community is expressing its willingness to be open to all people generously and work with everyone, as it concretely demonstrates through its social works not merely restricted to its members only. Pope Benedict called on the bishops, priests, deacons and all the faithful who form the Catholic community, to work for the country’s growth.

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