2009-10-30 15:51:19

Bishop Jose Mukala of Kohima steps down

(Oct.30,2009):Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Bishop Jose Mukala of Kohima, in Nagaland state in north-east India. The 61-year old bishop has been heading the diocese since 1998. According to the Catholic Church’s Canon Law, the normal retirement age for a bishop is 75, but he could also step down earlier because of illness or some other grave reason which prevents him from carrying out his pastoral duties. Bishop Jose Mukala was born on Aug. 18, 1948, in Kaveekunnu, Palai Diocese in southern India’s Kerala state. He was ordained priest in 1978 and appointed bishop of Kohima in Oct. 1997 to succeed Bishop Abraham Alanggimattathil. He was ordained bishop the following year on March 15, and assumed the responsibility of the diocese. Created in 1973, Kohima diocese is a suffragan of Imphal Archdiocese. With an area of over 16,000 Sq. km., the diocese has nearly 57,000 Catholics out of a total of over 1.9 million population.

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