2009-10-29 13:28:38

Pope Benedict XVI Address to participants of the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

(October 29, 2009) “The Pontifical Council for Social Communications for some time has been following this amazing and fast evolution of media, to use it in communicating the Teaching of the Church,” said Pope Benedict XVI. In fact, modern culture is the result of the existence of new ways to communicate, using new languages, new techniques and creating a new atmosphere. All this poses a challenge for the Church which is called to proclaim the Gospel to the people in the third millennium, he said. The Holy Father was addressing the members of the first plenary session of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication in Rome on Thursday, 29th of October. The Pontifical Council for Social Communications is a dicastery of the Roman Curia, established by Pope Pius XII in 1948 and is responsible for using the various forms of the media in spreading the Gospel. The Pontiff continued saying that the structural character of multimedia and interactivity of each new media has in some way inter-twined, gradually creating a sort of global system of communication, which, while maintaining its unique character of each medium, requires a synthesis to meet the challenges of evangelisation. Referring to his message for the World Communications Day this year, the Pope said that he stressed the importance of new technologies, encouraged the leaders of communication processes at all levels to promote a culture of respect for the dignity and worth of the human person, a need for dialogue rooted in sincere search for truth, all to be at the service of human community. In this way the Church carries the service of culture in today's digital world necessary to proclaim the Gospel, the only word that can save mankind. The Pope then thanked them for the contribution they offer to the Church in an area of social communications, and assured them his prayers that the action of the Pontifical Council continues to bear much fruit.

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