2009-10-28 15:34:51

Apostolic Union of Clergy to hold First National Assembly

(Oct.28,2009): The Apostolic Union of Clergy, AUC, will hold its first National Assembly from November 4-5 in Bangalore, in southern India’s Karnataka State. The AUC is an international federation of Diocesan Priests in ministry, currently present in over 70 countries of the world. In India, the AUC was launched from the Papal Seminary in Pune about 50 years ago, under the inspiration and guidance of the Jesuit Fathers, especially Fr. Robert Criem. Scores of diocesan priests, including many, who have passed through the portals of the Papal Seminary, are its members. At present it is active in about 55 dioceses of India and is slowly spreading in more dioceses.
The Apostolic Union of Clergy (AUC) was founded in 1862 by a few diocesan priests in Italy, France, Belgium and Germany, to come together for mutual support and sanctification through their pastoral ministry. This remains the ultimate goal of AUC even today. Fr. Donald De Souza of the Diocese of Lucknow is the current National President of the AUC. The International President is Mons. Julio Botia, and the Patrons of AUC in India are Bishop Frederick D’Souza of Jhansi and Auxiliary Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Delhi. They will be taking part in the National Assembly to animate over 80 priests expected to be present at the Assembly.

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