2009-10-21 14:49:57

In 2008, 30 thousand Montagnards became Catholics

(Oct.21,2009): In Vietnam last year, 30 thousand Vietnamese from the Central Highlands (Montagnards) were baptized and 20 thousand others are preparing to become Catholics. The data was emphasized by Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh of Kontum at the World Mission Day. The prelate told Asia News that “It is the work of the Holy Spirit with the sincere participation and contribution of so many people". Since 1926, Pope Pius XI urged all churches to encourage missionary activity. Pope Benedict XVI, in his message for the Day, reiterated that mission is the fundamental task of the Church. "I urge all Catholics proclaim the Good News of Jesus to everyone, everywhere in the world. You must consider the mission to non-Catholics as the primary pastoral commitment", he said This has a particular value now in Vietnam, where the Church is preparing to celebrate its Jubilee for over 350 years of mission (1659-2009) and the 50th anniversary (1960-2010) of the creation of the Conference of Bishops.
Recently, at the second annual meeting of bishops in the diocese of Xuan Loc, the prelates wrote in a pastoral letter that "the Jubilee of 2010 is an opportunity to render all Vietnamese participants in the joy of faith. To achieve this, we need the faith and cooperation of all members of the Church", they said.:

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