2009-10-15 12:49:14

Cardinal Decries Planned Parenthood in Africa

(October 15, 2009) Attacks on marriage and the family in Africa can be characterized as a "ferocious onslaught," according to the relator-general of the synod under way at the Vatican. Cardinal Peter Turkson, the archbishop of Cape Coast, Ghana, mentioned this during the “Report after the Discussion” on Tuesday afternoon. His report is a 23-section analysis that gathered the fruits of the 195 interventions given thus far. Pope Benedict XVI was present to hear the report. "Many synod fathers bemoaned the fate of the family in Africa: 'the destruction of an authentic idea of marriage and the notion of a sound family,'" the cardinal summarized. He said the synod participants have designated the institution "under serious threat of instability and dissolution," due to factors such as poverty, conflicts, so-called traditional beliefs and practices, including witchcraft, and disease, particularly malaria and AIDS. "But the synod fathers," the Cardinal continued, "also described in various ways a ferocious onslaught on the family and the related fundamental institution of marriage from outside Africa and attributed it to diverse sources." He listed sources in three categories: ideological, clinical and emerging "alternative" lifestyles. Particularly, he pointed to gender ideology, a new "global sexual ethic," genetic engineering, "Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Health Education," sterilization and "same-sex marriages." Cardinal Turkson reported that the synod fathers have given the Church in Africa the priority of rehabilitating the African family in "its dignity and vocation." He urged forming seminarians and religious "in order to discover, evaluate and prevent whatever risk or danger" threatening the family. The Prelate concluded with the words that "there is the urgent need to re-define the family as the 'domestic Church' and the primary place for education in love, reconciliation, justice and peace.

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