2009-10-14 15:41:13

Pope to visit FAO Summit on food security

(Oct.14,2009): Pope Benedict XVI will visit the Rome headquarters of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO, for the opening day of its World Summit on Food Security. The Pope will visit the FAO on Nov. 16, the Vatican announced on Tuesday. The World Summit on Food Security will be followed by a FAO general conference - Nov. 18-23.
The Vatican announcement came a day after Jacques Diouf, director-general of the U.N. organization, addressed the Second Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops. The synod is under way at the Vatican through Oct. 25. Diouf's address to the synod illustrated the bleak situation of the African continent. He offered an extensive look at the problems afflicting Africa saying that despite the important progress achieved by many countries in the African Continent, the state of food insecurity is very worrisome."

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