2009-10-08 12:54:25

African Synod of Bishops: Dialogue and Evangelisation

(October 08, 2009) During the Second Special Synod of Bishops of Africa, currently held in Rome, fifteen participants made their intervention at the fifth session on Wednesday afternoon. Speaking on Inter Religious Dialogue, a top Vatican official said that Traditional African religion strongly influences Africans who are naturally religious. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, expressed that the Christian missionaries did not reveal God to the Africans, they brought them Jesus Christ, “God who has a human face.” He added that Islam is generally tolerant, except for some well-known situations. Mons. Tarcisius Gervazio Ziyaye, Archbishop of Blantyre said that the genuine goal of our evangelization should be an appropriate focusing on the Word of God as the basis of evangelizing human hearts, which will pave the way to more quality Christian life rather than just quantity. Archbishop Robert Sarah spoke on the concept of gender relationship in Africa. This identity could and must be torn down to allow woman to reach an equality of social power with man. There is no peace, no justice, no stability in society without family, without cooperation between man and woman, without a father and without a mother, he added. Rev. Raymond Bernard Goudjo said that Peace is a goal constantly sought after that presupposes the practice of certain median values, in many combinations. Cardinal Francis Arinze, said that to give the Church greater credibility and courage in her prophetic mission of preaching reconciliation, justice and peace, care should be taken that reconciliation, justice and peace be lived within Church structures, especially by leading Church workers such as bishops, priests, consecrated people and lay faithful. Mons. Adriano Langa, Bishop of Inhambane said the Catholic Church has been facing challenges at various levels with regard to other churches and beliefs. These challenges have intensified and increased recently with the emergence and spread of the Evangelical Movements. Mons. Fulgence Rabemahafaly, Archbishop of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar said that the children play an irreplaceable role so that their parents can experience peace and pardon. If we want peace, we must learn how to teach our children how to act properly in the family. Bishop Fulgence Muteba Mugalu of Congo said that to promote a culture of peace, justice, reconciliation, tolerance, dialogue and conviviality within our populations, the Churches of Africa should use the media efficiently and rise to certain challenges.

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