2009-10-07 15:44:36

African nations have great future, if they cooperate, says Cardinal Sodano

(Oct.09, 2009): “Love for country is certainly a Christian principle, but the deviation of nationalism is wholly anti-Christian," according to Cardinal Angelo Sodano. The dean of the College of Cardinals affirmed this on Tuesday when he addressed the Second Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops.The synod which began on Sunday in Rome, concludes Oct. 25.
Cardinal Sodano told the Synodal Fathers he was pleased to note that the theme of reconciliation has priority among the three great themes that are being studied at this synod - reconciliation, justice and peace. “ From Europe’s past history”, he said “we can see more clearly the enormity of the disasters provoked by nationalism and the exaltation of the concept of race, which caused much suffering and millions of death. Now we all have to work to ensure that such historical tragedies do not recur."
Cardinal Sodano said that the "homicidal rage between different ethnic groups" cannot be forgotten in Africa, noting that it "has devastated entire countries. I believe we should repeat to everyone, with greater insistence," he said, "that love of one’s nation and of one's people, is certainly a Christian duty, but we also have to add that the deviation of nationalism is wholly anti-Christian."Cardinal Sodano affirmed that the "present 53 African nations will have a great future in the concert of the 192 nations that today make up the entire human family, if they are able to overcome their divisions and cooperate together for the material and spiritual progress of their peoples."

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