2009-10-06 16:10:12

Religious add "green" vow to consecrated life

(Oct.10,2009): Heads of Catholic Religious congregations at the conclusion of their five day meeting in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Friday, Oct. 2, decided to let environmental concerns shape their lifestyle and activities. They resolved to examine the moral and religious imperatives in their lifestyle including “insensitive use of natural resources” and a tendency to destroy habitable lands in the name of development. They agreed to strive for “a more habitable earth for all species of nature.” The Religious leaders also committed to avoid consumerism and lead a simple, nature-friendly life. They want congregation members to speak out when they see the environment being destroyed, and organize people to protest such destruction.
“Greening consecrated life is the most demanding theme, and it has to be incorporated into every aspect of religious life,” the leaders said in a document issued on Oct. 1. The theme of the meeting inaugurated by Federal Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal was “Towards a harmonious India”. Some 550 general and provincial superiors who attended the five day national assembly, pledged their support for government environmental initiatives and their intention to get involved in projects such as reforestation. They called on congregation members to reduce consumption of electricity, fuel and water, start nature walks and nature meditations, and give eco-friendly gifts to friends and benefactors. They also recommended the Religious to spread awareness by introducing environmental studies in their schools ,ecological themes in camps and other special programs for students.

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