2009-10-06 15:59:28

Condoms are not reliable in fight against HIV, says African cardinal

(Oct.06, 2009): Condoms are not always effective in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, said Cardinal Peter Turkson of Cape Coast, Ghana. On the other hand abstinence, fidelity in marriage and universal access to antiretroviral drugs are the strategies the church continues to promote in the fight against AIDS, he said.
Cardinal Turkson, the General Relator of the African Synod made the comments during a Vatican press conference on Monday, presenting some of the issues to be discussed during the second special Synod of Bishops for Africa. Cardinal Turkson was asked about the AIDS epidemic in Africa and what position the synod will take, specifically concerning the use of condoms in HIV prevention. He said when "people propose the use of condoms, it becomes effective only in families, where they are going to be faithful." However, condoms give "people a false sense of security, which rather facilitates the spread of HIV/AIDS," he said. Condoms cannot be relied upon to provide 100-percent protection against HIV transmission, because there is always a chance condoms might break during sexual intimacy. Cardinal Turkson said he would rather see the resources spent on manufacturing and providing prophylactics to Africa, be earmarked for subsidizing anti-retroviral drugs for the people there. That's probably the big favour that we can do for the people suffering from HIV/AIDS," Cardinal Turkson told the Press Conference.

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