2009-10-01 17:38:26

Pope Benedict XVI greeting to the Religious and Civil Community at Castel Gandolfo

(October 1, 2009) Pope Benedict XVI who is returning from his Summer Residence at Castel Gandolfo to Vatican on Saturday 3rd of October, met the Religious Persons and Civil Community of Castel Gandolfo on Thursday, 1st of October and thanked them for their support during his stay. He appreciated their generous dedication and commitment to provide much assistance to the Pontiff and his staff, guests and pilgrims who had come to visit him especially on Sundays for usual Angelus. The Holy Father expressed his gratitude to Bishop Marcello Semeraro, the parish priest and the parish community of Caste Gandolfo, along with other religious communities who live and work there. He also thanked the Mayor and the City Administration, the various services of the managers and employees of the Governorate, the Swiss guards and the Italian Police and the officers and airmen of the 31st Wing of the Air Force, for their support and cooperation. Pope Benedict then recalled the memory of the saint of the day, St. Therese of Lisieux, whose testimony shows that only the word of God, accepted and understood in its specific needs, becomes a source of renewed life. He added that our rationalistic and materialistic society needs the response like this saint to look in small ways greater things in life. The true path of love gives meaning to our human existence. Finally the Pope said “Dear friends, following the example of this Saint, we follow the road she has travelled on our behalf, because it is the way of total trust in God who is Love, and who will never abandons us.”

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