2009-02-23 18:40:33

St Egidio Gather Christian and Muslim Religious Leaders of the East

(23 Feb 09 - RV) The role of the Christian Churches in the Middle East was the subject of a one day seminar organised by the lay community of St Egidio today.

The meeting brought Catholic and Orthodox leaders and lay people together with Muslim scholars from Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Palestine to discuss the rich heritage of Christianity in that region and the problems that persuade many families to leave in search of a better life elsewhere.

Iraq in particular has seen a huge exodus of Christians fleeing the recent violence and among the seminar participants was the Latin rite Archbishop of Baghdad Jean Sleiman.

He told Philippa Hitchen the international community has a vital role to play in supporting the Church in its work for peace and reconciliation in Iraq today: RealAudioMP3

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