2009-02-11 18:06:05

Pope says Life is not Disposable

(11 Feb 09 -RV)“For Christians the answer to the enigma of suffering of death is found in Christ”. That was the message delivered moments ago by Pope Benedict XVI to thousands of men, women and children, able-bodied and ill, who gathered together to mark the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and World Day for the Sick with a special mass, here in St Peter’s Basilica.

This evening’s mass was celebrated by Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán, President of the Vatican’s Council for pastoral healthcare. Following Communion, Pope Benedict XVI joined the congregation and spoke to them about his message for the World Day for the Sick which this year focused on the suffering of children.

Pope Benedict said : “This day invites us all to impress upon all those who are ill and suffering the spiritual closeness of the Church”. He also said that today gives us a special opportunity to reflect on the experience of illness and pain and on the meaning of life which must, he added, be fully realised even when a person is suffering, even though this is often difficult for us to fully comprehend.

Pope Benedict continued that “God has not abandoned us….He is the God of life and mankind’s best doctor who ceaselessly cares for those who suffer”.

“We are increasingly aware” he said “that life is not a disposable good, instead it is a precious treasure that must be cared for and safeguarded, from its very beginning until its natural end”.
 “Life is a mystery that demands responsibility, love, patience, charity from us all”, added Pope Benedict. “It is even more important, therefore, to surround the ill and suffering with care and respect”. “This is not always easy” acknowledged that Pope “but we know where we can draw our courage and patience from to face the trials of our earthly existence. Faith helps us to maintain that human life is beautiful and worthy of being fully lived even when it is weakened by illness”. For Christians he concluded, "Christ is the answer to the enigma of suffering and death”.

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