2009-02-09 18:38:53

No Way Out for Men Women and Children in Sri Lanka's War

(09 Feb 09 - RV) A female Tamil Tiger suicide bomber hiding among a group of civilians fleeing Sri Lanka's
war zone blew herself up today, killing at least 28 civilians and military forces, and wounding 90 others.

The attack appeared aimed at one of the military's weak points, the processing of the masses of civilians trying to flee the area. It also highlighted concerns that the rebels
were trying to blend in with the civilian population so they can fight on using insurgent tactics.

More than 800 civilians crossed the front lines today and were searched by soldiers before being sent to camps farther south.

But the Director of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, Dr. Jehan Perera, says that the people who have managed to flee the war zone are not allowed to leave the refugee camps. RealAudioMP3

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