2009-02-04 18:40:38

Jaffna Tears for Innocents as Hospital Targeted for Fifth Time

(04 Feb 09 - RV) The United States and Britain today urged a ceasefire in Sri Lanka to evacuate casualties and allow relief into the war zone. RealAudioMP3
At least 52 civilians were killed overnight by shelling in the northern war zone of Mullathaivu in Jaffna , while a crowded hospital was hit for the fifth time in a week.

The latest casualties came as the island state today celebrated 61 years of independence from former colonial ruler Britain.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who presided over a military parade in the capital, Colombo, hailed the military's recent push for victory against what he described as "the most powerful terrorist organisation in the world".

We spoke to Bishop Thomas Savundranayagam of the diocese of Jaffna where the war is currently being waged. He says there is no cause for celebration among the people of his diocese:

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