2008-12-24 10:09:17

Orissa Awaits Christmas

(23 Dec 08 - RV) A year on from mob violence which targeted the Christian community of Orissa state in India, the local church has called for this Christmas to be a time of healing and reconciliation between the majority Hindu and the minority Christian communities.

In a special Christmas message, the Archbishop of Bhubaneshwar, Raphael Cheenath writes that Christmas is an occasion of joy even in the refugee camps that have been home to 13,000 men, women and children since last year.

He continues that “Peace founded on justice will never perish; it can only degenerate or be marginalized as a temporary phenomenon; and ultimately peace will triumph”.

Archbishop Cheenath recorded this special Christmas appeal for all our listeners, especially those in India, so that this Christmas peace may prevail in the hearts of all: RealAudioMP3

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