2008-10-06 16:24:09

The Synod of Bishops Enters Its Second Day

(6 Oct 08 - RV) The Synod of Bishops entered its second day today, and began its work into the study of the Word of God. Pope Benedict addressed the bishops in the Synod Hall. Speaking about the psalms, the Pope said Whoever builds his life on this reality, on material things, builds on sand, and that only the word of God is the foundation of all reality. The Holy Father pointed to the current economic crisis, saying that we see with the collapse of the great banks that money disappears, and is nothing. The synod will be meeting for the next 3 weeks. This year’s meeting is notable for the large number of women who serve as experts and auditors. One of the them is the American dogmatic theologian, Sister Sarah Butler. Earlier, she spoke to Philippa Hitchen about her experience. RealAudioMP3

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