2008-03-19 12:16:21

Pope Benedict Makes Appeal for Tibet

(19 Feb 08 - RV) Pope Benedict XVI made an appeal for Tibet during his weekly general audience. We have this report... RealAudioMP3

Pope Benedict made an appeal for Tibet on Wednesday, saying that he is following the news from the region with great alarm. He said he was saddened and pained by the suffering of so many people. He said they mystery of the passion and death of Jesus, that we relive this Holy Week, makes us especially sensitive to their situation.

The Holy Father says that violence will not resolve problems, but only make them worse. He invited everyone to join him in prayer in asking God, source of light, to illuminate the minds of all involved and to give them the courage to choose the road of dialogue and tolerance.

The Pope was speaking after his weekly general audience, where he spoke about the importance of Holy Week.

“The Easter Triduum, which the Church now prepares to celebrate, invites us to share in the mystery of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection. These days are the heart of the liturgical year. On Holy Thursday the Church recalls the Last Supper. At the Chrism Mass, the Bishop and his priests renew their priestly promises and the sacramental oils are blessed. The Mass of the Lord’s Supper commemorates Jesus’ institution of the sacrament of his Body and Blood and his commandment that we should love one another. On Good Friday, we ponder the mystery of sin as we listen to the account of the Lord’s passion and venerate the wood of his Cross. Holy Saturday, a day of silence and prayer, prepares for the joy of the Easter Vigil, when the light of Christ dispels all darkness, and the saving power of his Paschal Mystery is communicated in the sacrament of Baptism. May our sharing in these solemn celebrations deepen our conversion to Christ, particularly through the sacrament of Reconciliation, and our communion, in the hope of the resurrection, with all our suffering brothers and sisters throughout the world.”

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