2008-02-18 18:38:31

Congregation for Causes of Saints Issues New Instructions

(18 Feb 08-RV) The Congregation for the Causes of Saints today released an instruction dealing with the first step in causes for beatification.
The document entitled “Santorum Mater” was presented on Monday at the Holy See press office by Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins.

It is a hundred page instruction booklet divided into 6 parts on the norms governing the causes for beatification.

The document says Cardinal Martin’s asks that Diocean Committees of Enquiry be more rigorous when deciding to open the process for beatification and investigating eventual miracles.

During the course of the press conference Cardinal Martins also spoke about the process of beatification for Pope John Paul II which was begun before the normal five year waiting period following death.

He went on to say that there would be no further acceleration to Pope John Paul II’s cause for beatification and that he would not be proclaimed blessed on the 3rd anniversary of his death on April.

The cause for the Beatification of Pope Pius 12th, said the Cardinal had not been completed and he also mentioned that the cause of the Bishop of San Salvador Oscar Romero who was killed in Church 28 years ago was being studied and looked at as a cause for Martyrdom.

In the nearly 3 years since the start of Pope Benedict 16th pontificate he has created 577 Blessed and Saints a third of the total created by Pope John Paul 11 during his 27 year pontificate.

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