2008-02-14 12:57:15

Vatican Urges Long Term Security in Employment for Young

(14 Feb 08 - RV) Archbishop Celestino Migliore Apostolic Nuncio, Permanent Vatican Observer to the United Nations has addressed the 46th session of the Commission for Social Development, on the priority issue of employment.

The Archbishop began by noting that the lack of full employment and decent work and its associated poverty and social disintegration offends human dignity.

In today’s unpredictable economic context, continued Archbishop Migliore, “the international community is challenged to stress the need for effective ways to protect low-income families and workers from financial collapse. Most often, they are the hardest hit in times of economic downturn. Assisting them is a question of justice and solidarity, but it is also a financially sound measure to stimulate national economies and international trade”.

The Archbishop also spoke out against stronger economies exacerbating the situation in the developing economies. “The Holy See wishes to recall that the compelling needs of the poor have a priority claim on our conscience and on the choices financial leaders make”.

“While globalisation has opened the door to economic prosperity to many people”, warned Archbishop Milgiore, “its downsides continue to disproportionately affect the weak members of our society. The persistence of poverty, unemployment and social disintegration are by-products of the absence of fair relations among the various components of the economic and social mechanisms. “A lack of mutual trust among parties”, concluded the Archbishop “also means a lack of confidence in the future which, in turn, means the absence of job security. People, especially the young looking for their first job, discover meaning and confidence in the future when they find long-term work with the opportunity for a deserved promotion”.

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