2006-06-06 15:53:30

Discerning with the Spirit

(06 Jun 06 - RV) Just outside Rome in Fiuggi, leaders from the Catholic Charismatic Renewal have begun their four day international conference with the theme - "The CCR: Yesterday, today and tomorrow."

The Charismatic Renewal is recognised by the Church as an authentic movement of the Spirit in our times and a way to witness the outpouring of gifts in a way akin to what was experienced at the first pentecost. The organising group, ICCRS, say this conference will be an occasion to reflect deeply on their origins as charismatics, to consider if they’ve have been faithful to God’s purpose and to joyfully accept the challenges that the Holy Spirit gives them for the third millennium. Gifted speakers and ministers will lead this event, as President of the conference organisers – Alan Panozza - told us… RealAudioMP3

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