2006-06-03 18:51:28

A Family of Movements

( 03 June 2006 RV) St Peter's square and surrounding streets were packed to capacity this Saturday evening, as over 350,000 people withstood long queues and strong winds to greet Pope Benedict XVI.
It was the Pentecost Vigil and the congregation had a special appointment with the Holy Father, they were there in representation of over 100 lay ecclesial movements and new communities. Families, entire parishes, priests, religious and lay held banners in the wind announcing their membership of groups such as The International Foccolari Movement, The Neocatechumenal Way, Communion and Liberation, but to name a few.
They had started pouring into the square in the early hours of the morning and by lunch every available space had been filled. Events officaly started after 4 pm Rome time, with a series of prayers and song, interspersed with video clips of founders, such as Jean Vanier of L'Arche, speaking about how and why they were moved to create these communities within the Church. Emer Mccarthy was there, she spoke with the Marcarelli family, Father Mother and two lively daughters from Connecticut USA, who are members of the Regnum Christi. She asked them why they became members of their movement.... RealAudioMP3

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